Entered as 2nd Class Matter, Part 1

Belly up, boys, the sunshine’s on me!

Vintage Cocomalt ad


~ by The 1955 Hudson on March 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Entered as 2nd Class Matter, Part 1”

  1. Speaking of smoldering, maybe you can revive this old ad campaign introduced by Kent cigarettes- the cigarette with the Micronite filter! (Micronite was made from asbestos).
    No wonder your first Kent left you flat on your face down the beach.

  2. I wonder which doctor group lived longer: the doctor group smoking the Camels in the Yankee Stadium right field bleachers, or those who hid them in their desk drawer where their kids could find them???

    • I would say “C,” None of Above, because A) I believe him when he said that he didn’t inhale and B) you can take Salem out of the country but no more than 3 oz. of liquid or gel. And that’s because we elected a Socialite president who wasn’t even born in this country… he was born in Hawaii!

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