Solid Potato Salad, Boy

The Ross Sisters, 1944


~ by The 1955 Hudson on April 13, 2010.

14 Responses to “Solid Potato Salad, Boy”

  1. You know, I’m enjoying this picture so much that I’m afraid I’ll ruin the moment by pushing play…

  2. Ha! My aunt Rosie taught them everything they knew (except for the singing and dancing part)

    • Well, you know better than I do, but those Ross girls reminded me more of Vinnie the Moocher, without the cigarette and drink, than Rosie the Rivetress. Then again, I never knew her when she was down to her fighting weight.

  3. Now that is some solid potato salad. LOVE this! Though you’ve got to admit, that still is quite the salacious eye-catcher. My friend Jen sings with a group like this now in Portland (The Stolen Sweets) minus the acrobats. Come to think of it though, their eye-cathin’ reel-em-in’ opening burlesque acts must do a little contortionism from time to time. Comes with the job.

  4. Mind if I share this on fb? I’ll give you the finder’s fee. (saying I saw it here, first.)

    • Absolutely! Share away, and the, when you have time, you can explain to me how to post videos from YouTube to fb. I can only “share,” which doesn’t show the little video thingy in the post. Just a link to le tube.

  5. Sweet baby Jesus! I’d better start practicing!

  6. Oh! You’re doing everything right to “share” the link on FB. Whether it shows up as an actual video, or just a generic youtube link, seems to be dependent on the will of the gods, as I’m finding more and more areas of my life to be similarly, disconcertingly, subject to. Argh!! (Shakes fist at the heavens)

  7. That is just fantastic! Mind if I quote you? I need a status update that isn’t all self-pity and whinge-ing and whining, yet hints at my assessment of the day’s events as ‘bordering on catastrophic’.

  8. I *love* it when Gusto & Fervor are in town. I might wake up with a headache, but it’s always worth it.

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