Fireball XL5

Filmed in Supermarionation, obviously.

“Okay, Venus?”  “Okay, Steve!”


~ by The 1955 Hudson on April 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fireball XL5”

  1. I love the way the clouds diagonally align themselves with the spaceship while it ascends skyward, all to the Mersey beat of the theme song. As all clouds do during a takeoff.

  2. Wanted to show you this New Fireball XL5 Video
    by Dominic Halpin & the Honey B’s
    Very , Cool, Very Retro

  3. [glaring gimlet-eyed to my left, your right] I served with Supermarionation, I knew Supermarionation, Supermarionation was a friend of mine. Listen, bub, you’re no Supermarionation. [Prolonged shouts and applause.] If you ask me, The Zodiacs, or what might be their alter egos, Dominic Halpin & the Honey B’s, are the true stars of this vid. And don’t you forget it!

  4. It was fun to make, I wanted to show a new generation what XL5 could be, and where SCFI shows of today came from.
    Glad you liked it

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