“One morning I caught a pop-up in my pajamas.”

The Five Nightingales, from L to R, Hippo, Gecko, and Cheapo, before going out to beat the Tigers on opening day at Brush Stadium. Photo courtesy of Bill Miro, who traveled to 1923 to get the shot.


~ by The 1955 Hudson on April 1, 2011.

One Response to ““One morning I caught a pop-up in my pajamas.””

  1. (What follows is a deleted scene from Duck Soup)
    Chicolini: Pinky, stop! That’s enough.
    (Harpo turns around, abruptly stops plastering Firefly’s office with flypaper)
    Firefly: Hey! What’s with all the flypaper?
    Chicolini: He heard you wanted a no fly zone.
    Firefly: Well if I wanted a no fly zone, he’s the first one I’d stick it to.
    Chicolini: Nah, what you need is a coalition.
    Firefly: If there were a coalition, I’d repeal it. With an amendment.
    Chicolini: You mean prohibition.
    Firefly: I know exactly what I mean. And that’s the problem…
    Firefly: Do you know what “coalition” is?
    Chicolini: No, I live alone.

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