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Elly May Barbie sued by Elly May Clampett Donna Douglas

donna-douglas-elly-may-barbie.jpgFirst the “Happy Days” cast, now Elly May Clampett. We fully expect next to hear about a Dobie Gillis lawsuit.

Donna Douglas, who played Elly may Clampett on the 1960s television sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies,” is suing Mattell over the “Elly May Barbie” that was released back in December. She claims the company is “engaging in the unauthorized use of [her] name, likeness, image and attributes” as Elly May, reports CNN.

The suit alleges a photo of Douglas in character is used on the packaging and the promotional blurbs mention the TV show. A spokesman for Mattel says they “licensed the rights to ‘Beverly Hilbillies’ for this product through the appropriate channels.”

Douglas is seeking damages of $75,000 and is demanding a jury trial. The lawsuit also alleges Douglas continues to make appearances in connection with the Elly May character.

Maybe the doll is modeled after Erika Eleniak …

Via ZAP2IT  Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Mattel

~ by The 1955 Hudson on May 10, 2011.

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