25 Photoshoped pictures of the Situation Room

We were all amazed when we heard about Osama’s death and even more stunned when we saw the photo of the situation room. Such a powerful photo that had a great impact on the whole world.

It was only a matter of “hours” that everyone started photoshopping the situation room photo trying to lighten up the atmosphere and trigger smiles and laughs all over the world. We gathered the ones we liked most and created this collection for you!

Image 782

The original situation room photo.

Image 783

The situation room and the grumpy flower girl who we originally saw when Kate and William kissed at the Royal Wedding. [via Boing Boing]

Image 784

The situation room and the Velociraptor. Created by Noah Stokes.

Image 785

The situation room and a zombie. Found in NachoMG by Apuntes.

Image 786

The situation room and the freaket out cat. Created by BoingBoing.

Image 787

Solitaire in the situation room.

Image 788

Sad Keanu Reeves in the situation room. [via BoingBoing].

Image 790

Smoking cigars in the situation room. Posted in The Atlantic by Tal Yaniv.

Image 791

Osama and Obama playing playstation in the situation room. Created by paulmwatson.

Image 792

Drunk Charlie Sheen in the situation room. Created by Brian Donelly.

Image 793

A situation room full of Obamas. Created by sevetoes.

Image 794

Let’s watch a movie in the situation room. Found in NachoMG by Apuntes.

Image 795

The situation room and the royal wedding hats. Created by delraysblr.

Image 797
Image 798

Every Meme ever. Created by Oro.

Image 813

Fleeting thoughts in the situation room.

Image 815

The situation room has a guest list!

Image 817

The real tron mastermind behind Osama’s take down. By brockimages.

Image 856

Hilary ain’t man enough! Ultra Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung doesn’t seem to be really fond of women and decided to shop-out Hilary from the situation room!

Image 857

And then macgeek800 realised that one more man was missing to complete the masculine version of the the situation room. So here comes Bin Laden..!

Image 858

Maestros de la Composition! A creation by Tam Muro.

Image 859

This is Bin Ladaaaaaaa!

Image 860

Family guy! We love him even in the situation room. Uploaded on KnowYourMeme.

Image 841

That’s why Bin Laden had no chance to escape!

via Funny-City.com

And finally…

Citing modesty concerns, hipster website removes
“sexually suggestive” male images from sit room photo

Sorry folks, we were finding those images of a tense Obama and Biden too scintillating to handle.

via Rachel Maddow via Free Williamsburg


~ by The 1955 Hudson on May 12, 2011.

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