Saint’s well-groomed severed head up for auction

It is believed that this is the severed head of Saint Vitalis of Assisi, a 14th-century patron saint of genital diseases. It is on the auction block in Ireland Sunday, May 29, 2011. (Matthews Auction Rooms/HO)

A severed head alleged to belong to the patron saint of genital diseases will hit the auction block in Ireland Sunday. Saint Vitalis of Assisi died 640 years ago, but the Italian Benedictine monk’s encased head can now be yours. Auctioneer Damien Matthews of Matthews Auction Rooms estimates the ancient skull could fetch up to $1,650.

The 14th-century Saint reportedly performed miracles for sufferers of bladder and genital diseases.

As a youngster, Vitalis was sexually promiscuous and immoral, so to relinquish his sins he went on pilgrimages in Italy and Europe. He then became a Benedictine monk and chose to live as a poverty-stricken hermit. His only possession was an old container to get water.

Matthews couldn’t confirm it’s actually the head of Saint Vitalis.

I thought he would have been the patron saint of well-groomed men, but that’s me. I’m all whirly-locked.

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~ by The 1955 Hudson on May 26, 2011.

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