The House That Time Forgot

‘In 1959 Peter Welch and another builder built this house in Te Puke, New Zealand and it was never lived in for over 50 years. Mr Welch died this year and his property was sold at auction.

‘The trustee of Mr Welch’s estate confirmed the property had never been lived in:

‘‘Mr Welch was a member of the navy in World War II. At the end of the war he came to New Zealand, initially to Christchurch, then decided the Bay of Plenty was the place for him’

‘‘He had been here a little while and his mother and sister were still in England so he built the house on the understanding they would come to New Zealand but they never came.’

‘‘The sister came over to visit once but she never lived here’

‘‘One New Year’s Eve the neighbours had a house full of people and (Mr Welch) let a couple of them sleep the night. That one night was the only time someone has ever slept in the house, to my knowledge.’

‘About a dozen records, including Harry Belafonte, remain inside the record player cabinet.’

– Bay of Plenty Times

Photographs by Mark McKeown

Thank you very much to Homer who curated this capsule.  If you have a suggestion for a capsule, we’d love to hear it.

Via How To Be A Retronaut


~ by The 1955 Hudson on July 1, 2011.

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