Photobooth Animations

These photobooth animations are the work of Nicholas Osborn of Square America. He describes them as: “a jittery, flickering, Frankensteinian attempt to bring old photos back to life.”

Via How To Be A Retronaut


~ by The 1955 Hudson on July 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Photobooth Animations”

  1. Nice site!
    You could maybe be interested in this animated GIF I composed:

  2. […] From […]

  3. These are fabulous! I like both formats: the compilation of photos of one person in different locations and the slight variation in place. The former though is so cool, especially the blond teenager, as you make the pics work together into a single action. Thanks for posting!

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  5. […] life.” (which, btw, I am so going to be utilizing the term Frankensteinian!) . I found them via The 1955 Hudson and was enamored at first […]

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