Meet The Eggheads!

Not The Eggheads.

Long Island’s The Eggheads make a rare network TV appearance on the Gary Moore Show in 1964.

I’ve searched the Internet for more info on The Eggheads and have come up snake eyes. Anybody got the lowdown on this group? I know they released a single called ‘Foolin’ Around’ on Bell Records in 1964 and that’s all I know. Based on this terrific little video (in which they sing “Foolin’ Around”), the band seems worthy of some documentation somewhere.

Via Dangerous Minds


~ by The 1955 Hudson on July 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Meet The Eggheads!”

  1. They sure had the style down, to which RIngo would agree, it don’t come easy. Especially back when it was all spankin’ brand new, like floaters in the vitreous fluid.
    Maybe these gentlemen evolved into Spinal Tap???

  2. please email me and i will return call

    i was involved in their creation and
    initial development including their spot on
    the garry moore show in 1964.

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