New York City Panoramas, 1902-1913

Click to enlarge.New York City, 1900
Boat Club Parade, Harlem River, 1902
The Curb Market, 1902
The ghetto, 1902
The Mall, Central Park, 1902
Manhattan Beach, 1902
New York skyline, 1902
The Sunday Parade, Fifth Avenue, 1902
The Terrace, Central Park, 1902
Luna Park, 1903
Morris Park Race Track, 1903
Aston House, 1905
Coney Island, 1907
Herald Square, 1907
The Lusitania, 1907
Madison Square, 1907
New York, West Side, Downtown, 1907
New York City, 1908
Grant’s Tomb and Riverside Drive, 1909
Polo Grounds, 1910
Park Row and City Hall Park, 1911
New York from Brooklyn Heights, 1912
Columbus Circus, 1913
New York from Brooklyn, 1913

Via How To Be A Retronaut


~ by The 1955 Hudson on July 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “New York City Panoramas, 1902-1913”

  1. Makes me want to put on 8 layers of clothing and move there

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