How To Find The RIGHT Guy

6 Hollywood hunks tell young women how to catch “HIM” (or “HER,” as the case may be)

Do you sit back lazily and dream sweet thoughts about having a shining knight ride out of the blue and claim you for his bride? Or do you believe in doing something more active about it?

Wailing about the shortage of men won’t do it. There are ways and ways of quickening the marriage gleam in a mans eyes. Makes no difference if you’re the most popular girl in your crowd or if you spend most nights in front of your television set alone. Bagging a husband takes a different technique than merely bagging a date. If you’d like to change your name the beautiful way, it’s high time you learned some tips on how to find the right guy.
We talked to a half-dozen Hollywood actors who know the score. Some of them are married, some are waiting for the right girl to come along. But these men know what it is that gets a guy thinking of a girl in terms of a life-mate.


Tony Curtis, who is starring in United Artists’ “Johnny Dark”, has a very practical suggestion. “A girl can be as beautiful as all that, but if she’s domineering or too forceful she’ll write finis to any serious thoughts the guy may have. A fellow may enjoy dating her, but, as a rule, he shies away from the prospect of being tied in permanent harness to a girl who shows all the earmarks of being a shrew.
“Be pleasant and agreeable. Make him feel that he’s head man. If he wants to go truffle hunting while you’d rather take in the park concert, tell him sure you’d love to hunt truffles! Of course, if your tastes are consistently far apart you’d better give up the chase for this particular character. What fun would marriage be if you didn’t have mutual likes?
“But on the whole, let him have his way in most things. It gives a man a feeling of pride – makes him square his shoulders and want to take care of you. Once he gets to thinking along those lines, he’ll be thinking along marriage lines, too. “One of ‘the wonderful things about Janet when we were going together was that she let me have my way most of the time, ‘Sometimes I’d call for her and tell her I felt like going to a movie. Janet might have been all set for an evening at Ciro’s, but she never made a fuss. She’d just smile and say, ‘That’s fine. Just what I feel like doing, too.’ She was an angel about things like that. Any girl who lets the man play the leader has taken a good step forward in letting him lead her to the altar.”


Fernando Lamas, who is in MGM’s Rose Marie, says: “Believe it or not, something as simple as domesticity in a girl is what often loops a man. It’s a very feminine characteristic and one that makes many a lonely bachelor, fed up with drugstore meals, want to take the plunge. Bachelors are very susceptible to a home-cooked meal. So many girls today seem proud of the fact that they’re terrific in the office but duds in the kitchen. They even brag about the fact that they can’t boil water.
“I can’t tell you how all that chills the enthusiasm of a man who might be working up a yen for marriage. A girl can have a career and still know what to do in the kitchen. Whatever happened to the theory, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?’ It still holds true, as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing more heart warming to a man than to see his girl, who seems bright and modern in every respect, put on an attractive apron and whip up a dinner for him. It’s not only feminine, it’s warm and personal.
“If you can repay your date for the restaurant dinners he’s bought you by inviting him to a simple, charming dinner at home, you’ve set the stage for some serious thinking on his part. And he’ll see you under conditions you may hope to enjoy with him for the rest of your life.”
Such a home suggestion may sound strange coming from a man who symbolizes Latin romance and adventure, but Fernando means what he says.


Jeff Hunter, now in 20th Century-Fox’s Princess of the Nile, says: “First, get the man interested in you. Then you can use certain techniques that will make him chase you until you catch him. If you want to get him to take you out, you might kid him into it by saying, ‘Someone gave me tickets to a night baseball game, but I don’t suppose I’ll go. I hate to go alone.’ Especially if you’ve chosen a sport he likes, he’ll jump at the chance of escorting you, Then you can take it from there,
“Secondly, the mutual interests are what will make a more binding impression. Common interests are a sound basis for a permanent relationship, When you have lots to share and talk about, a man begins to feel that you’re the only girl for him, Besides, there’s something terrific about a girl who’s pleasant and a good sport, First time I asked Barbara to go to the beach with me, she ended up spear-fishing – because I liked it. Next date, I proposed to her!
Thirdly, for the final clincher, when a girl has gone with a man for some time and he begins to take her for granted, and still no talk about ‘will you marry me?’, then she should give him a jolt. When you’ve got him very much interested you might threaten that you’re going away, and perhaps tell him you’re busy when he expects to find you at his beck and call. If he’s in love, he’ll propose then and there rather than risk the chance of losing you.”


Tab Hunter, currently appearing in UA’s Screaming Eagles, says: ” A girl who can get and hold a man is one who’s easy on the nerves, If she seems to understand him and doesn’t expect too much of him, he soon begins to get the idea that he wants her by his side for the rest of his life. If you can make the guy feel better for being with you, you’re getting somewhere.
“Flattery helps, provided it isn’t gushy. He’ll edge away if you barge up to him with the steam-roller man-hunting approach. Don’t forget, let him still think he’s doing the courting.
” A sincere interest in him and in his problems does the trick. Use your judgement, though. It may make a man suspicious if you ask him pointed questions about his job and his future, but he certainly likes it when you take an interest in his work. For instance, if he’s stuck late at the office and then comes by to take you out an hour after your original plans, it means something to him if you understand that his job comes first. If you put on a ‘big hurt’ act about his being late, he’ll feel nagged. And if he’s having a tough time financially and you suggest places to go that aren’t expensive, he appreciates that. It makes it easier for him to see you more often, too. And if you know what he’s trying to get out of life and encourage him along the road – well, that’s the kind of a girl it’s so nice to come home to.”


John Derek, star of Republic’s The Outcast, says: “Employ the tactics of the hunter. When he’s after big game he goes to the jungle. If he’s after deer, he goes to the forests. If you want to track down a future husband, go to the places where men are. There are many clubs you can join and courses you can take where you’ll find the attendance predominantly masculine: classes in subjects from archaeology to Chinese checkers. Amateur theatrical groups are good to get into because you not only find guys there but the atmosphere is relaxed and sociable and everyone heads for the nearest coffee pot later to talk and get acquainted. Even in sports, try to work up a sincere interest in fishing, golf, or horseback riding, where you’ll find more men than women. Might as well be smart about it.”

There they are, girls, some real sound husband-finding suggestions from six popular stars.

From the American magazine
“Motion Picture and Television Magazine”
June 1954

Written by Hellen Weller

01845_04Rock Hudson, whose next film is UI’s Magnificent Obsession, says: “Don’t be too aggressive or too capable if you want to get a guy’s thoughts on marriage. A man likes a feminine girl. He wants to be the man in the family, the head of the house. He likes it when she makes him feel protective. When a girl is so sure of herself that she knows how to do everything, from fixing a light socket to jacking up a tire, he’ll no longer feel that she needs him. I don’t mean that a girl has to be a simpering, clinging vine who can’t move a chair by herself. That can be sickening too. But the super-charged, hyper-sophisticated girl who knows all the answers and doesn’t mind telling them to you may be able to find a good job for herself, but she won’t easily find a job keeping house for a man of her own.
” Another thing, the girl who’s sarcastic and is always trying to get laughs at the expense of others loses out on the wedding ring. Don’t try to hog the floor. Masculine ego just can’t take it. When a man is with a girl, he likes to be the big shot. Play up to him by being interested in what he says, by laughing when he says something funny, even if you’ve heard it before. He’ll start to think you’re the only girl for him.

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  1. Omg, how times have changed. Reading this was like watching an episode of Mad Men. If a girl acted like that now, the dude would think she’s a tool and leave.

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