Perry’s Emphasis On Birther Issue: A Wink At The Right?

Rick Perry appears determined to make doubts about President Obama‘s birthplace an issue again in the Republican primary campaign even though Mr. Obama produced his long-form birth certificate months ago.

In two interviews, Mr. Perry insisted that he was not certain that Mr. Obama was born in the United States, linking himself to the so-called birthermovement, whose members question whether the president is occupying the White House legally.

Mr. Perry’s comments may be part of a strategy of winking at the most conservative elements in the Republican Party who don’t view Mr. Obama as a legitimate president.

But it threatened to undermine Mr. Perry’s own rollout of a flat tax plan Tuesday morning in South Carolina. Instead of being focused only on the tax proposal, television pundits and news articles were talking Tuesday morning about Mr. Perry’s surprising comments about Mr. Obama.

A headline in The Washington Post on Tuesday morning read: “Perry’s Birther Parade.” An astonished Joe Scarborough talked about it on his MSNBC show Tuesday morning.

“Rick Perry just messes up the bed that is being made for him, just messes it all up, by talking about birtherism, and by smiling and saying that he’s not so sure Barack Obama was born in America,” Mr. Scarborough said on “Morning Joe.” “He has just royally screwed up another day of his campaign.” Continue reading.

Via The New York Times, thanks to Boing Boing


~ by The 1955 Hudson on October 26, 2011.

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