Don They Now Their Gay Aparell

Okay, we’ve got 1.) a barefoot, pajama clad fella with a pipe in his hand, a smile on his puss and a giant log betwixt his legs,  2.) another beaming, pajama clad gent, similarly unshod, pulling pipe-boy by the yule log, and 3.) a couple of nekkid female-reindeer-centaury thingies taking it all in from a neighboring cloud. Naturally.

I’d say the P.J.’s aren’t long for this world and somebody’s gonna get their halls decked, but good.

On a related note, ‘Gay apparel’ is back in Christmas carol for Traverse City students.

Textron menswear ad, 1940s, via Vintage Ads. Related ogling: Don’t Ask, Don’t Towel.


~ by The 1955 Hudson on December 12, 2011.

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