Lost In Translation

International Incident of the Day

The Editor-in-Chief of the Dutch fashion magazine Jackie was forced to learn the hard way that it’s not a good idea to approve an article that calls Rihanna the N-word.

In a piece entitled “De Niggabitch,” one of Jackie‘s staff writers attempted to offer Dutch women tips on how to look like Rihanna — “the ultimate niggabitch.”

In addition to the offensive portmanteau, the writer tellingly referred to Rihanna as “Jamaican.” She’s from Barbados.

Jackie EIC Eva Hoeke attempted to excuse the language by claiming it was nothing more than a “bad joke” based on slang “you hear…all the time on tv and radio.”

Rihanna took to Twitter to blast Hoeke, calling the magazine ”a poor representation of the evolution of human rights.”

A few hours later, Hoeke was out at Jackie.

“In the interest of Jackie Magazine and all involved [Eva Hoeke] will leave her function as editor-in-chief effective immediately,” said the magazine’s publisher in a statement.

Not content to leave bad enough alone, Hoeke released a final comment on the controversy, claiming once again that their intent was misinterpreted, and, besides, “the term ‘niggabitch’ came from America.”

Here’s a little advice for Hoeke: Invest in a dictionary of American slang that wasn’t written by someone who learned English by listening to hip-hop songs performed by people who learned English by listening to hip-hop songs.


~ by The 1955 Hudson on December 21, 2011.

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