Coats Coat Danish Coat Store

The 1936 stunt, organized by Danish clothier Christian Troelstrup, was a moving sale. According to Troelstrup’s website:

“The Municipality of Copenhagen condemned the building in Møntergade. Christian Troelstrup purchased the corner property at 5 Vester Voldgade which is the current location of the store.
As his final goodbye to the property in Møntergade, Christian Troelstrup organised an event one spring day in April. He covered the façade of the property in coats – all five storeys from pavement to roof. The picture, which was taken by a passing American photographer, was published in newspapers all over Europe and in America. In 1940, the picture was published in National Geographic, and is still used from time to time today.”

Via Archinect, thanks to Boing Boing


~ by The 1955 Hudson on January 10, 2012.

One Response to “Coats Coat Danish Coat Store”

  1. If only scaffolding was that attractive today. Although the coats would probably get stolen!

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