Okay. This is F**king Great.

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Look. It’s A Daddle.

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Actually, pardner, you can trot right out and get you a Daddle right now:

The Daddle from riding supply company Cashel is a soft Western style saddle that is made to strap on the backs of daddies so they can give their small children horsey-back rides in styleDaddle up, Daddies!

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Anthony Pisano – “This is My Home.” A Charming Short Film

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Here’s a delightful story about an elderly gentleman named Anthony Pisano, his whimsical knickknacks and collectibles, and his beloved cat. There aren’t enough Anthony Pisano’s in the world if you ask me.

From the Vimeo description:

On an unseasonably warm November night in Manhattan on our way to get ice cream, we stumbled upon what appeared to be a vintage shop, brightly lit display window and all. As we began to walk in, a man sitting out front warned us that we were welcome to explore, but nothing inside was for sale. Our interests piqued, we began to browse through the collections the man out front had built throughout his life. This is a story of a man and his home.

First The Jews, Now The Hookers

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Not content with pissing off NYC’s Jews in December, Wodka recently erected this streetwalker unfriendly board fairly close to the streetwalker-heavy Penn Station area. Of course, it’s also an escort-heavy area, so now those upscale ladies (and men) will have an excuse to raise their prices.

And now the board that pissed off the Jews:

I just hope the Muslims know what’s coming.

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London Street Life, 1876

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Via How to Be A Retronaut. All images by John Thomson; copyright Bishopsgate Institute via Spitalfields Life

Thank you to Spitalfields Life

Skateboarding, New York City, 1960’s

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All images by  Bill Eppridge

Source: LIFE Archive via Interweb 3000

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Sensational, Scientific Marvel! “Invisible Helmet”

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Everybody amazed!

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